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Sea Freight

Offering global coverage on full container loads of both Refrigerated and Ambient cargo for Export, Import and Cross Trade corridors. A number of Export Groupage services are available upon request.

Integral Reefers – Typical Internal Dimensions




Height (to Load Line)



20ft Reefer 5450mm 2285mm 2160mm 2700 – 3300 Kilos 24000 Kilos
40ft HC Reefer 11500mm 2280mm 2400mm 4100 – 4800 Kilos 30000 Kilos

Notes on Payloads:

Maximum legal cargo weights are governed by prevailing road transport limits. In the UK, no single combination of laden tractor trailer combination can exceed 44,000 kilos. This would typically mean a maximum payload of 25,000 or 26,000 kilos.

Containers can be set to carriage temperature ranging from -27 deg celsius (-15 deg f) to +28 deg celsius (+86 deg f), a range which covers the vast majority or transport requirements. There are super freezers which can be set to -60 deg C or colder for specific transportation requirements. Refrigerated containers are designed to maintain rather than affect the status of transported products. Goods should already be at the designated transport temperature upon loading.

Integral Reefers – Typical Carriage Temperatures


Temp (Deg C)

Temp (Deg F)


Frozen Meat -18 0 or Colder
Frozen Poultry -18 0 or Colder
Ice Cream -22 -8 or Colder
Frozen Butter -18 0 or Colder
Frozen Vegetables -18 0 or Colder
Frozen Fruit Juice -18 0 or Colder
Frozen Fish -20 -4 or Colder
Chilled Meat -1 to +1 +28 to 32  
Chilled Poultry -1 +30  
Fresh Cheese 0 to +3 +32 to 35  
Chocolate +10 to 18 +50 to 65  
Margarine +5 +41  
Eggs 0 +32  

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any information, the information is given in an advisory manner. Reefer 90’s accept no responsibility for any consequences resulting from their use or interpretation.